Welcome to new leaf yarns, and our new very special blends

Welcome to new leaf yarns, and our new very special blends

This is the first post for new leaf yarns on a very exciting day when our debut yarn goes on sale!

Our very lovely blend of locally sourced Alpaca and Grey Masham is available exclusively from Ginger Twist Studio, Edinburgh, from 1 May.


The new leaf yarn story began last summer with the shearing in June.  The shearing only takes a few minutes in the expert hands of Aussie shearer James, and we take the opportunity to trim their nails and check their teeth.  Here are a very unimpressed Cha Cha and Stella from our New Leaf herd just after their haircut.

I then travelled around later in the year, collecting more fleece from other small herds around the country.  The raw fleece then needed ‘skirting’ by hand.  This is not my favourite task and means picking out grass, mud, dried poo and anything else on the fleece you don’t want in the yarn.

Once skirted, the fleece is weighed and selected for a yarn blend before heading to the Mill. Here is the beautiful, fawn and very clean fleece from Hooch which is being blended with Wensleydale to create a new 4ply yarn.   The aim is to create very special blends to do justice to the fine quality fleeces they come from.

At the moment we have our new leaf Wensleydale and Shetland blends at the Mill and looking forward to previewing them later in May.

Please sign up to receive updates, and exclusive previews of the yarns.  The yarns will always be limited editions and subscribers will get first option to buy.

We will also keep you updated on the New Leaf herd.  Lila makes her show debut at the Northumberland County Show on 29th May where her sister, Stella, won a Champion’s sash 2 years ago, so no pressure!   Shearing follows this year on 1 June, and Stella and Betty are expecting cria late summer.  A lot to look forward to,

Jane x

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