about new leaf yarns

In 2013, after reading too many small holder blogs dreaming of life beyond the office, and having a couple of  ‘life is short’ reminders, it was time for a rethink and a change.

In the beginning...

The New Leaf herd was started with matriarch Cha Cha (our front cover) and her new born cria, who we named Stella.  Now four years later Stella has sisters Mary and Lila and a daughter, Eloise and we have welcomed Betty who has had a daughter, Luna.

Once you have alpacas, what do you do with them? Every breeder has a different focus. Some breed champions; some alpacas just keep the grass down; some go trekking; some scare foxes away from lambs and chickens; and some are pets in a field.  Our focus is the stunning fleece and what can be done with it. There are many sources of beautiful 100% alpaca yarn, so our interest lies in creating blended yarns.

We started new leaf yarns in May 2017 with the aim of blending fine alpaca fleece from small herds with British wools and natural fibres to create very special yarns.


We have had an amazing first year creating new gorgeous yarns, getting a really warm welcome from the knitting community,  and taking part in our first show at Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

Year two is looking exciting already ….

This is a brand new venture, a million miles away from anything I have done before. Thanks so much for the encouragement and practical advice from Debbie, Jess, Louise, Pauline, Marleen, Juliet and John and Stella.

Jane x